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June 11 2009: You can listen to Dr. Pristine's May 21 Speech on Emergency Medicine kiosks at the GE website

May 19 2009: You can listen to Dr. Pristine's April 21 Speech on Emergency Medicine kiosks at the GE website

April 2009: Dr. Pristine is speaking at GE's Emergency Medicine Webcasts in April and May

August 5 2008: New ER technology cutting triage time in half

June 10 2008: The Best of the Best - Medisolve CEO Wins Prestigious CATA Innovation Awards. Dr. Pristine won Innovation Leadership award in Healthcare ICT category for Outstanding Product achievement.

June 10 2008: 23rd Annual CATAAlliance Innovation Awards Gala Dinner

May 14 2008: Dr. Pristine delivered a speech on patient kiosk to the biotech community of Toronto in IBM research facility.

April 22 2008: Medisolve success story was in 680 AM News, Toronto.

December 18 2007: Medisolve is on the news (The Globe and Mail). Please see the special report from Canada Health Infoway

November 2007: Government Announcement on Medisolve Kiosk

June 7 2007: Ontario Government published a newsletter that featured Medisolve kiosk. Please see page 5

May 30 2007: Mayo Clinic wrote its second article on Medisolve's work.

April 6 2007: "It's good to see hospitals, like The Scarborough Hospital, willing to consider innovative approaches to improve the access to care for their patients" says George Smitherman, Minister Health and Long-Term Care of Ontario. Please see the article on Medisolve's Scarborough Hospital project on Canadian Healthcare Technology magazine

April 5 2007: Ministry of Health and Long Term Care of Ontario tells Medisolve's story in its E-health newsletter.

April 2007: Ehealth magazine coverage on Medisolve's work.

March 24 2007: "If the nurse hasn't arrived in the waiting room area, you can input the information into the computer. It will flag the triage nurse at her desk area where she is taking care of other patients." says Louise Le Blanc, patient-care director of TSH's emergency department. Please see the National Post article on Medisolve's work

March 23 2007: Scarborough's The Mirror newspaper ran an article on the Medisolve technology deployment in local hospital.

March 15 2007: A Patient-Centered Approach (EES), the initiative aims to better support nurses and physicians with smart tools so they can work more efficiently and effectively to enhance patient flow and improve patient care. Please see Government agency Infoway's announcement on Medisolve's work for ER patients

March 14 2007: Ontario Hospital Association telling Medisolve success story.

March 14 2007: "What's great about this system is not only that it benefits our staff and physicians but also our ER patients by allowing them more direct involvement with their care, enabling more accurate triage and providing better access to appropriate care" said Dr. Hugh Scott, the hospital's president and CEO. Please see CBC radio show on Medisolve's work in Emergency Rooms

December 2006: Agreement between Medisolve and Bell Canada, Bell becomes Non-exclusive reseller in Canada for Medisolve products and Services

November 2006: Medisolve presented as the only vendor at Canada Health Infoway's Knowledge Transfer Group national annual meeting at Pantages Hotel in downtown Toronto

June 2006: University Health Network's Core group and Bell Canada together organized an event in MaRS center to introduce Medisolve to its grassroots

July 2005: Dr. Pristine was the chairman of the Ontario Hospital Association's Emerging Healthcare Technology Conference of the Toronto Metro Convention Centre.

April 2005: Sunnybrook Hospital newsletter published an article on Medisolve's technology in its March 14 2005 issue. Cont'd on Page 2 at http://www.sunnybrook.ca/files/V7N4.pdf


March 2005: Sunnybrook Hospital local newspaper published an article on Medisolve and its technology.

January 2005: Canadian Healthcare Technology Magazine ran an article on Medisolve on its January 2005 issue of Technology for Doctors Publication

November 2004: Ontario Hospital Association invited Dr. Gorsev Pristine to make a presentation at its Annual Convention in Toronto

July 2004: National Research Council of Canada announced at its website that it'll be suing Medisolve's technology to build an on-line clinic for the East Coast

June 2004: Medisolve's technology was chosen in top 3 by OHA Region 2 in Ottawa

April 2004: Medisolve's Patient Interface was tested at physician and patient level in University of Toronto, Global Center of eHealth Innovations Laboratories

April 2004: Medisolve's Algorithm Builder was tested at physician level in University of Toronto, Global Center of eHealth Innovations Laboratories

April 2004: Medisolve releases Usage Report Tool for PGS Admin Level Access

March 3 2004: Medisolve was invited to Cambridge UK to showcase our product and form global partnerships at Global Technology Partnering Expo 11 organized by Ministry of Trade, Government of United Kingdom.  For more information, visit the UK Trade Investment site

March 2004: Medisolve presents Graphic Interface Editor Tool for PGS Admin Level Access   

February 2004: Medisolve adds Algorithm Builder Tool for PGS Admin Level Access

January 2004: Medisolve offers on-line Admin Level Access to PGS Patient Interface 

December 2003: Medisolve introduces web version of its multilingual automated triage solution for waiting rooms 

November 26 2003: Medisolve showcased PGS in Toronto at the Ontario Hospital Association convention from November 3rd, 2003 to the 5th. For more information, visit OHA's website

October 2003: Medisolve releases PGS application in 10 languages to selected clients 

August 2003: Medisolve presents graphic-based reporting for PGS

June 2003: Medisolve launches kiosk-based PGS prototype in 4 languages




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