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100% customizable products


Medisolve's technology is 85% ready built, and can be customized in your convenience for an interoperable fit. Our team of experts is at your service to create original solutions for your unique environment.


Enhance clinical efficiency


By directly capture registration and critical medical information from patients, Medisolve reduces the registration workload by 50%. The process allows nurses to practice as decision makers, and creates a more effective use of professional skills and resources.


Reduce costs


Medisolve generates savings for our clients in different fields: 

  • savings in the cost of delivery of care

  • savings in data re-entry cost

  • savings in multilingual services

  • savings through patient self - registration

  • savings due to accuracy and safety improvement

Reduce clinical errors


Standardized procedures of information gathering and processing provide the nurses with more complete information. Immediate processing of the kiosk information by interoperating applications will improve the accuracy and the timeliness of the patient intake process and treatment process for virtually all types of patients.


Improve patient satisfaction


Medisolve products allow patients to make active, constructive use of unavoidable waiting time. Instead of waiting passively to be seen by a triage nurse, patients will participate in the tasks of their care team, providing valuable, comprehensive information. This will change the accountability equation, making patients partners in the process of developing their history and profile.


Improved Patient Safety


Revolutionizing the delivery of clinical care and gathering / processing patient information, spreading its work all around the world, Medisolve is keeping you safer when you are unwell.

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