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1. What is Care Station

  • A machine that does the menial part of interviewing task for you. You still need to ask the critical questions yourself.

2. How does Care Station help me in the office?

  • Adds speed and comfort to your practice

  • You can see more patients

3. How much time do I save per patient

  • 7 to 15 minutes per patient

4. How does it work?

  • Patients answer the questions during their waiting period, it generates a report on patient’s profile that goes into the patient chart.

5. How long does it take to bring it in?

  • 5 min: We can help you to convert one of your office desktop into a Care Station on the phone if someone in the office gives us a call

6. What do I need to begin with?

  • High speed internet in your office

7. Where do I put the care Station in my clinic?

  • In the waiting room

  • In the exam room

8. How much does it cost to bring it in?

  • $50/month per machine

9. Is there a setup cost involved?

  • We’ll assist you on the phone to setup your machine, one time setup cost is another $50-$70

10. How long does it take to bring it in?

  • 5 minute for a non-touch screen desktop

  • Longer for touch screen units

11. How is the Waiting Room machine different from the Exam Room machine?

  • The voice has to be turned off in the waiting room machine

  • Waiting room machine has to be placed at a corner where the other patients cannot peek at the screen

  • Exam room machines can have the voice on, since most Exam rooms are secured and provide privacy.  

12. Do I have to change the way I work now?

  • No

13. How many machines do I need for my practice?

  • One machine can handle 30 patients a day

14. How many kinds of Care Stations are available?

  • Desktop 1) Non-touch screen 2) Touch screen

  • Kiosk

15. What is the best way of bringing it in?

  • Begin with a non-touch screen desktop, play with it for a while, see how it fits to your practice, have your algorithm modified if necessary, when you see patients are fine with it move to the touch screen monitor (we'll configure and ship you one. A solo practitioner should begin with a non-touch screen desktop. Kiosks are for large clinics, group practices and hospitals)

16. When to get a kiosk?

  • After realizing the difference in speed and comfort for patient intake and getting comfortable with having a Care Station in your practice. We’ll configure a unit and ship it to you. Plug and it runs. We need to work with your IT officer for the local area networking details about a kiosk.

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