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Medisolve products are specifically designed to perform successful 2-way knowledge translation between the patients and the experts. This is how we are able to dramatically improve the speed at which information and actual results are delivered, adding value to both Patient's and the Health Care Provider's.


Applying a utility based integration model enables Medisolve to provide much more affordable integration services than traditional models. This is also how Medisolve enables complex integrated environments to comfortably function as a successful interoperable entity.


Our product line can be described as an orchestra of harmonious instruments. The more you lean on them the stronger the sound they provide your organization and your community.


  • We can serve in 30 languages

  • We believe in Standardized Interviews

  • Our technology is 100% customizable, not 99.

  • We make the waiting time safe and productive

  • Patients don't need to know anything about computers

  • HL7 compatible

  • Smart tools for health care providers


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